Our Mission

To provide innovative engineering adhesive solutions to enhance our customers’ productivity and success.

WELDTONE is a technology-driven company committed to the development of innovative adhesives, sealants and coatings that solve emerging electronic manufacturing challenges. We help our customers achieve their goals by strategically partnering with them to develop a wide range of well-designed, functional material solutions, and customized formulations that meet their application requirements. 

Our products begin in our R&D laboratory where we develop materials to meet specific requirements. We utilize our own automated production lines and precision test and measurement equipment to validate each new application. We also partner with laboratories at Xiamen University where we collaborate on fundamental studies with advanced analytical and engineering equipment. Our experienced material scientists and application engineers are passionate about creating high-quality products for high throughput, long-term reliability and robust thermal performance.

From EV batteries to smart wearable electronic devices, our materials provide strong bonds while protecting, connecting and dissipating heat from sensitive electronic components, enhancing the productivity and success of our industry partners, and enabling long-term performance and reliability that consumers demand.

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    Research & Development Laboratory

    By partnering with WELDTONE, our customers gain insights and benefit from our experienced R&D team. Our laboratory technicians will perform a variety of tests and analyses to determine the right chemistry for your application and help solve any problem.

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    Team of Experts

    WELDTONE brings together an outstanding team of experts, rich with industry experience in material science, engineering, manufacturing technologies, marketing, quality and compliance. Our two R&D facilities utilize state-of –the-art equipment and systems to produce customized solutions for our clients.

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    For more than a decade, WELDTONE has been collaborating with local universities and industry partners engaged in developing a comprehensive understanding of materials and processes utilized in electronics assembly, with a particular focus on maximizing manufacturing yields and long-term reliability.

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    WELDTONE maintains ISO certifications and utilizes quality systems to ensure its products meet strict quality standards. Quality is important when developing and manufacturing high-technology materials used in demanding environments. Our customers trust WELDTONE materials to connect, protect, bond and thermally isolate sensitive electronic components.

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A technology-driven company committed to the development and application of high -end adhesives and sealants.

We supply adhesives for many consumer electronic brands.