Founded in 2009, WELDTONE specializes in the development of high-technology adhesives, sealants and other functional material solutions for the electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industry.
In 2009, WELDTONE began research and development of PUR (Polyurethane Hot Melt) adhesives for structural bonding of displays.

In 2012, WELDTONE established their Xiamen factory, and began mass producing PUR adhesives for smartphones, tablets and displays.

In 2013, WELDTONE established offices in Tianjin, Shanghai and Dongguan.

In 2014, In partnership with Lenovo and Xiaomi, WELDTONE became well known for their PUR brand adhesives for display and electronics assembly.

In 2015, WELDTONE ranks top among the Chinese material suppliers for electronics, while collaborating with numerous electronics companies such as Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Shenzhen Guo Wei Electronics Co Ltd, Apple Inc, Vivo Communication Technology Co Ltd, SONY Corporation and Coolpad Group Ltd.

In 2016, WELDTONE introduced a new global business strategy, and developed their innovative LCM edge bonding adhesives enabling ultra-narrow bezel designs for smartphones and displays.

In 2017, WELDTONE established an R&D facility in Shanghai, expanded its Xiamen R&D facility, and established a strategic partnership with Samsung Electronics. 

In 2018, WELDTONE developed new technologies for Amazon. 

In 2019, WELDTONE established factories in Hong Kong and Vietnam and expanded the Shanghai R&D facility. 

Today, as the electronics industry continues to evolve rapidly with unprecedented innovations in form factors and functionality, WELDTONE continues to expand and upgrade its product offerings with new formulations that improve quality and performance while optimizing processability and manufacturing efficiency. 

With over 10 years of rapid growth, WELTONE has established several long-term strategic partnerships and has become a leading supplier of electronics assembly material solutions for the manufacture of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, and advanced semiconductor packaging.




Our processes conform to strict ISO standards for quality and environmental performance.