Product Technologies


WELDTONE is a leading supplier of high-technology adhesives, sealants and other functional material solutions for electronics assembly. We provide our global customers with high-quality cost-effective assembly solutions for electronic devices found in many areas of our every day lives. From computers and cell phones to aircraft and robotics, we formulate material chemistries that bond, protect, connect and dissipate heat, for improved reliability and long-term performance. 



Bonding Materials

Our robust and reliable bonding materials are designed to meet strict industry requirements and are designed to replace costly mechanical fasteners for improved aesthetics and weight reduction.

Build stronger and more durable products with WELTONE underfills, structural adhesives, active alignment adhesives and die-attach adhesives.

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Protecting Solutions

For the effective protection of components and circuit boards our protecting formulations safeguard against mechanical stresses, moisture, contamination and other external hazards. They include encapsulation materials, conformal coatings, and EMI shielding materials.

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Connecting Materials

WELDTONE electrically conductive adhesives are designed to replace solder providing strong component and PCB interconnections for long-term and reliable performance.

Our electrically conductive material portfolio includes conductive adhesives, conductive inks and conductive die attach formulations that are robust and reliable.

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Thermal Solutions

WELDTONE thermal management solutions are designed to provide effective thermal management in heat-generating components and systems.

Our thermally conductive adhesives are ideal for bonding heatsinks to sensitive components, providing strong bonds and reducing the need for clips and other mechanical fasteners.

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