Electrically Conductive Materials 


WELDTONE’s electrically conductive material solutions (ECAs) include conductive adhesives, conductive inks, and conductive die attach materials. Our ECAs are based on a variety of chemistry platforms, such as epoxy, acrylic, silicone, and even solvent-thermoplastic, which gives the material exceptional flexibility and workability. 

Electrically conductive assembly materials are providing solutions for next generation electronic devices that are smaller, thinner and more functional.



Electrically Conductive Adhesives

WELDTONE’s electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) use micro-sized silver flakes to create highly conductive electrical bonds, ideal for solder replacement when manufacturing devices that cannot go through a typical solder reflow profile. 

Our ECAs are perfect for devices that operate in high temperature environments, such as in the aerospace, automotive and semiconductor industries and can be used to assist with heat dissipation. Once cured, our ECAs offer strong interconnections and long-term highly-reliable performance. 


Product Type Industry Product Number Product Description
Conductive Adhesive Automotive - ADAS EC023 One component, heat curable electrically conductive adhesive designed for low temperature cure applications where good adhesion is required
Semiconductor - Cameras EC023 One component, electrically conductive heat cure adhesive, designed for low temperature cure and good electrical performance.


Electrically Conductive Inks

Designs with printed electronics are increasingly seeking high-quality ink to help produce products that are smaller, lighter and more functional.  WELDTONE’s conductive inks enable a new level of connectivity for a variety of industries and applications, enabling our customers to design next generation wearable devices, automotive and consumer electronics.

Our technology experts formulate conductive inks that address the demands of fine printing while maintaining good conductivity, wettability and adhesion.



Product Type Industry Product Number Product Description
Conductive Inks Automotive - ADAS INK0568LT One component, Low temperature curing, non-reactive silver filled adhesive for printed electronics. Good adhesion and high conductivity adhesive designed for very demanding applications.



Conductive Die Attach Adhesives

Conductive die attach adhesives address the needs of leadframe wirebond packages where grounding and heat dissipation are critical and are a perfect solution for mounting temperature-sensitive chips. They are designed to create strong bonds with various metal surfaces and exhibit excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. 

Our conductive die attach materials are also a good solution to problems relating to RoHS compliance and producing lead free electronic equipment for Europe. 


Product Type Industry Product Number Product Description
Die Attach Semiconductor - Materials ECA25108 Conductive adhesive, designed for high-speed dispensing with standard thermal and electrical performance.
Semiconductor - Materials ECA15209 Conductive adhesive with excellent thermal conductivity performance(20W/mK)
Semiconductor - Materials ECA25812 Sintering conductive adhesive, Super High thermal and electrical conductivity performance, The thermal conductivity could reach up to  >90W/mK
Semiconductor - Optical ECA25118 One component, electrically conductive adhesive designed for high-speed dispensing. Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.