Semiconductor & Module Assembly


As the world becomes more digitalized, one thing is clear, electronic devices are being driven by smaller, thinner, more functional semiconductor components and assemblies. WELDTONE formulates a wide range of semiconductor materials that are cost effective, reliable and successfully used in electronic devices across multiple industries. 


  • WELDTONE die attach adhesives are used in wire bonding and advanced packaging applications, offering superior protection, adhesion and conductivity.

  • WELDTONE conductive adhesives are used as an alternative to solder for creating electrical interconnects and grounding.

  • WELDTONE underfills are formulated with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art fillers, enabling finer pitch designs.

  • WELDTONE (EMI) Shielding material protects sensitive electronics from electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency (RF) emitting devices.

  • WELDTONE active alignment materials are formulated for precise alignment of lenses in camera modules and other optical assemblies.

  • WELTONE low-temperature UV curing, and dual cure adhesives are ideal for components with sensitivity to high process temperatures. 




Our semiconductor materials support a variety of electronic devices found in today’s digitalized world, from advanced packaging material solutions that support innovations in smartphones to wire bonding die attach materials used in micro electro-mechanical (MEMs) sensors, WELDTONE can customized materials to meet your specific needs.


Market  Application Product Number Product Description
Semiconductor Materials Die Attach ECA25108 Conductive adhesive, designed for high-speed dispensing with standard thermal and electrical performance.
ECA15209 Conductive adhesive with excellent thermal conductivity performance(20W/mK).
ECA25812 Sintering conductive adhesive, Super High thermal and electrical conductivity performance, The thermal conductivity could reach up to  >90W/mK.
Underfill UF21308 One component, fine particle epoxy underfill for FC-BGA, FC-CSP type applications. Low CTE and good moisture and heat resistance. 
UF70817 One component, no filler epoxy underfill for the COF/COG  application. 
UF21860 One component, fine particle epoxy underfill with High Tg performance, suit for the CoWoS application.
EMI Shielding CC05110 One component electrically conductive coating material for EMI shielding. Low viscosity designed for spray coating processes.
ECA25617 One component electrically conductive trench fill  material for EMI shielding. Designed for jetting processes.
ECA25632 One component electrically conductive trench fill  material for EMI shielding. Designed for Vacuum Printing processes.



Compact Camera Modules (CCMs)

WELDTONE offers a comprehensive portfolio of materials for all elements of camera module assembly including fixed focus and auto focus camera modules. 

Our low warpage die attach, and active alignment adhesives are ideal for precise image sensor and lens bonding. We also offer reinforcement materials and conductive adhesives that are ideal for CCM printed circuit boards.


Market  Application Product Number  Product Description 

Compact Camera Modules


Die Attach DA21101 Non-conductive, one component epoxy designed for low shrinkage, low modulus and low warpage applications.
DA21101HM Non-conductive, one component epoxy for Die attach, the High Modulus Version for DA21101.
Active Alignment CB11673 One component designed for active alignment applications. Provide high aspect ratio, good flexibility and good adhesion after UV cure.
Conductive Adhesive EC023 One component, electrically conductive heat cure adhesive, designed for low temperature cure and good electrical performance.
Underfill UF2100 One component, fine particle filled epoxy designed for capillary underfilling CSPs and BGAs components.



Optical Communications

Optical telecommunication uses light to carry information. Transceivers, switches and components inside optoelectronics are enabling faster networking bandwidth and data processing for data and telecommunication centers. 

WELTONE materials provide precise alignment of optoelectronics and optimal light transmittance with low signal loss capabilities. 


Market Application Product Number Product Description
Optical Communications Die Attach ECA25118 One component, electrically conductive adhesive designed for high-speed dispensing. Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.
Active Alignment CB21275 UV dual cure with secondary heat cure epoxy for optoelectronics assembly. Formulated with high Tg and extremely low CTE with good adhesion and ultra low shrinkage to ensure high reliability.
Low Temp CB1106-1 One component active alignment adhesive with good adhesion after UV cure. Dual cure adhesive for shadow curing.
Underfill UF2100 One component, fine particle filled epoxy designed for capillary underfilling CSPs and BGAs components.