Automotive Electronics


WELDTONE offers a broad range of materials and customized solutions designed to meet the unique needs of Smart Vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) including, LiDar, radar and camera module assemblies. Our material solutions for automotive electronics include structural adhesives, thermal adhesives, underfills, encapsulants, conformal coatings, conductive adhesives, conductive inks, and EMI shielding materials. We also offer a range of UV cure adhesives designed for the active alignment of image sensor and lens in ADAS camera assemblies.



EV Battery Assembly 

WELDTONE’s EV Battery portfolio includes structural and thermal adhesives that help vehicle manufacturers address key battery assembly challenges such as bonding dissimilar materials, dissipating heat, lightweighting the assembly and sealing against moisture. 

Our EV assembly solutions deliver high bond strength between a variety of substrates including aluminum, steel and fiber-reinforced plastics while providing stability for improved crash performance.  And they ensure that batteries do not overheat, enhancing battery life and performance. 


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Structural Adhesive


UR-200X Series

High bonding strength >10MPa with hinge breaking elongation >200%
Thermally Conductive Adhesive


UR220X Series

Designed for CTP/CTB/CTC with high strength > 10MPa and high thermal conductivity >2W/mK


TF32XX Series

Thermal gap filling, wide use temperature range 60̊ C to 200̊ C, cures at room temperature or elevated temperatures, long 6month shelf life at 25̊ C
Fire Retardant Coating



Excellent fire performance with 1000 ̊ C flame impact resistance.



Designed for high bond strength, above 10MPa for stainless steel and 8MPa for PCM material. 



Spray thickness 0.5mm-0.7mm without expansion. Especially well suited for fire protection under limited space of CTP design. Simple spraying process with fast curing and suitable for all kinds of air and airless spraying equipment.








ADAS Systems 

WELDTONE is proud to support Advanced Driver Assistance systems (ADAS) with innovative technologies that enhance driver, passenger and pedestrian safety. 

ADAS systems use sensors, radar, LiDar, cameras, control units and data modules to perceive surroundings, detect hazards and provide early warning signals or automated braking and steering to avoid collisions.

Statistics show many collisions occur in parking lots. Parking assist is an example of ADAS technology that is making parking easier and safer. 




Product Number 

Product Description


Control Units
Data Modules 

Underfill UF2101 One component, fine filler epoxy underfill for flip chip capillary underfill applications.
UF2100 One component fine filler epoxy underfill for BGAs, CSPs and LGA type underfill applications.
Encapsulants UV4634HV Fast curing UV adhesive for FPC reinforcement with excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, including glass plastics and metals.
Conformal Coatings EN9032 One component, acrylate based high-flexibility conformal coating with good moisture resistance and excellent workability.
EN10278 One component, flexible UV curable encapsulant for component protection. Excellent cure with multiple types of UV sources (LED, Metal Halide) good for flexible PCBs and displays.
Active Alignment CB2152 UV curable epoxy adhesive designed for the assembly of camera modules. High thixotropic material with medium viscosity perfect for aligning components like optical lens with fast cure and low shrinkage.
CB2123 UV curable epoxy adhesive designed for the assembly of camera modules. Dual cure adhesive with excellent flexibility and adhesion after final cure. 
Conductive Inks INK0568LT One component, Low temperature curing, non-reactive silver filled adhesive for printed electronics. Good adhesion and high conductivity adhesive designed for very demanding applications.
EMI Shielding CC05109LV One component, electrically conductive coating material for EMI shielding applications. Low viscosity designed for spray coating processes.
Conductive Adhesive EC023 One component, heat curable electrically conductive adhesive designed for low temperature cure applications where good adhesion is required.




Automotive Displays

Today’s automotive displays integrate multiple functions into one unified system. From vehicle controls to safety and infotainment, displays are becoming more sophisticated with thinner designs and more functionality. 

WELDTONE underfills for automotive displays are designed for easy room temperature dispensing, high adhesion to various substrates, low mechanical stress and excellent sealing for moisture resistance. 



Market  Application  Product Number  Product Description
Automotive Displays Underfills UF70327DB One component, low viscosity designed for room temperature flow characteristics suitable for underfilling CSPs, BGAs and LGAs type components