General Industry


WELDTONE applications engineers have years of experience working with factories to resolve manufacturing challenges head on.  Our instant adhesives and threadlocking solutions are ideal for industrial robotics, and the assembly of a variety of products. Our low temperature cure structural adhesives are ideal for fast curing and provide fast curing, easy fixturing and positioning of parts, components and assemblies.




Maintenance & Repair

WELDTONE has several adhesives to support maintenance and repair of general industrial equipment from threadlocking and instant adhesives to even more robust structural adhesive solutions. 

Our broad array of instant adhesives include formulations for a variety of substrates, cure rapidly, and provide extraordinary bond strength and speed. 

Your equipment is key to running your business, we are here to help.



Market  Product Number  Bounding Substrates
Instant Adhesive CA-121 Metals , Plastics and Elastomers, Wood, Paper, Leather
CA-123 Wood, Paper, Leather
CA-126 LV Metals, Plastics, Elastomeric, Inert surface
CA-132 Blue Metals, Nylon, Polyester, Plastics
CA-135 Plastics, Rubbers, Metals
CA-136 Metals
CA-1010 Metals, Plastics,  Rubbers
CA-8460 Plastics, Rubbers



Thread Sealing

AN-213 Medium strength, Thixotropy, Suitable for inert surfaces.
AN-263  High strength, High temperature and oil resistance, Good chemical and solvent resistance.
AN-2701  High strength, suited for inactive substrates and/or where maximum resistance to hot oil is required.
AN-2504  High strength, Suitable for various metal surface bolts, especially for galvanized and steel surface.
UV Cure UV-1013  Plastic, Metal, Glass
UV-1016  Plastic, Metal, Glass
UV-1038  Glass, Metal
UV-1022 HV  Plastic, Metal, Glass



Structural Bonding

AN-298  High strength, Good temperature resistance.
AN-2326  High strength, Fast curing, Multi-purpose, Good shock, vibration and solvent resistance.
2C Epoxies ER-2210  Fast curing,  Soft colloid, High peel strength
ER-2220  Tough, Do not shrink when curing, Good impact, chemicals and solvents resistance.
ER-2260  High peel and shear strength, extended work life, Good chemicals and solvents resistance.
ER-2280  High strength, high toughness Excellent aging resistance.